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Tina - Winner of old ageTina - Winner of old age

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Tina - Winner of old age


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    Tina Grigalashvili, 94, gets up at four in the morning and goes to work - she lives in Rustavi and is responsible for cleaning one of the streets in her city.
    She worked as a Georgian teacher for many years before he became a gardener, but when he left school, she still could not stop working and his profession changed. she says not to work - I feel useless, everyone knows that and no one can tell me to leave my job yet.
    It rains in the streets of Rustavi every day. She does her job here with all her heart - she was like that at school, she recalls.
    When her shift is over and the street is closed, she returns home. There awaits her books and a friend - the TV. Only one of the nine siblings, Tina, is alive and well. she greets her son's family, looks after her small garden in front of the house, and so the day ends - the next morning she grabs a broom again and goes to work.
    "I feel when I have to stop," Tina tells us, walking down the street alone in the dark.скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно
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